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And now to get going again...

August 31st. It seems pretty cool. I have resorted to socks for the first time in months. Admittedly after an outdoor swim, but still. Summer seems truly over, and Autumn now beckons. Resting done.

Today is the end of my first half year in sole practice. I'm enjoying it. I feel I can work much more flexibly and efficiently (not just faster, but that too), using digital working to serve lay and professional clients more responsively and interactively - ie. better. What is it they say we need to be these days? Agile. Indeed. I like to think of myself as a cheetah. Must be the small head. Quick though. 😉🐆

I've been pleased at the interesting cases that have come to me since the change on St David's Day 2021, and I look forward to progressing those this Autumn, and to working with you on your other 'interesting' cases. The difficult stuff is what I do, so bring it on. As someone once said to me... 'Hard work, Theo? You just eat it...'


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