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Raising the Bar for 2021... Sole Practitioner!

New horizons

Very glad finally to take the plunge this week and move to practising as a sole practitioner barrister. As a litigator who has worked fully digitally for many years - never happier than toiling over a detailed spreadsheet! - I am pleased to offer a more efficient and direct service to both professional and lay clients.

For full details please see my website where I explain how I can work with lawyers in the traditional way as well as offer preliminary (only!) direct public access advice, very much aimed at being a useful introduction and screening option for lawyer colleagues and lay clients alike.

1. Services for lawyer clients, types of case, type of barrister, claim maximisation - the numbers

2. Preliminary advisory services for clients direct

3. Cases wot I have been in…

4. FAQs - mainly for non-lawyer clients

5. Testimonials

6. Theo+ ie. About - the personal stuff, including video clips!

7. Blog - I promise to try to be relevant and interesting!

I am also delighted to be remaining an Associate Member of Doughty Street, and really grateful to my colleagues there and at Apex Chambers Cardiff, and to my new colleagues at Cornwall St Chambers, Birmingham, and No.18 Chambers, Southampton, for their fantastic support for this “next phase”.

If you still prefer to instruct via clerks in the traditional way, then of course you may contact my clerks at any of those chambers most convenient to you or your clients, but that is no longer required, so please do feel free to contact me directly via email/telephone as above.

🚀 TH


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